The Journey of Two Years

We very sincerely thank each and everyone for every bit of support. The ups and downs is part of of every journey. Despite our attempts to keep everything perfect, we do fail on certain aspects. Every such failure is a setback, some of them took away our sleep, but at the end of the day, we take a strong lesson from it to do better.

We starting just with two bookshelf, two years ago, when COVID curve was declining, but was there was still uncertainty. People poked inside our store, laughed and threw taunts at us, as to what we are doing with books in the age of technology. We never argued with any, but that made us more determined, brought more focus, turned us more desperate, more stubborn. Not the best phases in the family while fighting out for Read and Brew, but doesn’t matter if all is good now.

Two years back, we started Read and Brew from scratch, with Crosswords around, Pagdandi around, and most importantly, the book piracy around! But we determined a flaw, one of which was indeed Inflation, and COVID further elevated it. Read and Brew had two prime motives – To bring back affordability, by bring back the love for libraries, and secondly, to reach out to the senior section of the reading community, who are restricted to their homes because of their old age complications. We brought Libraries to the doorstep, with the strong coordination of technology and our tiny team, gradually covering every corner of Pune. Our delivery team did it in scorching summer, strong rains, shivering cold, sometimes under worst traffic, while hardly failing a deadline.

Along the journey we experimented a lot, failed a lot, reformed several of our processes, a lot.

Read and Brew is the most affordable and an independently owned library/bookstore/cafe. We are a single operating branch, based in Wakad, serving every corner of Pune/PCMC. With our ethical processes, Read and Brew is gradually becoming the most loved library in Pune.

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