Read and Brew is currently the most affordable doorstep library in the Pune/PCMC, backed by our lovely customers, and a whole lot of big time publishers.

How does the library membership work?

Our library membership plans start from Rs.299 per month, where you can borrow upto five books from our stocklist. Once the membership enrollment process is complete, the chosen books will be delivered to your doorstep within 0-3 days. Once you are done with your at least three of your books, you can request us for exchange, where you select another set of books, and the doorstep exchange happens within 0-3 days. During exchange, the new set of books are handed over to you, and you need to return the read books to the same delivery person.

Kindly refer to all our library membership plans below:

Read and Brew - Library Membership Plans

Yearly membership costs Rs.1799, which brings down the effective monthly cost to just Rs.149 per month.

Are the exchanges unlimited?

We offer free doorstep delivery/exchange once a month, which you may avail or not. It totally depends on your reading speed. However, any additional exchanges in the same calendar month would be chargeable by Rs.70. However, store walk-in exchanges would be unlimited.

Are there any deposits involved, in addition to the membership charges?

One time refundable deposit of Rs.500 applies to every new membership from us. This is for our security to partially cover any involved risks against loss/damage, and will be instantly refunded whenever you choose to close the membership with us.

What is the ordering process?

Be it for the first time, or exchanges, we receive the orders for doorstep service through our website. One can login to our website only after the enrollment process is complete. In-store exchanges are instant without any restrictions.

How long can I hold the borrowed books during membership?

There is no such restriction, and it completely depends on your reading speed. For instance, if you go for six months membership, you may keep the same five books for six months, or exchange six times in six months.

How can I check out current collection of books in the library?

You may browse through our current collection of books by clicking here. Note that the stocklist changes very frequently based on the book exchanges carried out at doorstep/our Read and Brew physical store.

What if the books that I wish to read aren’t available?

We do accept book requests and we have fulfilled it for lot of our customers. However, we request you to understand that the orders to publishers/distributors and our other suppliers go in bulk, and each of them have a different threshold order value. Hence, for fulfillment of the book requests, it might take a day, or a month, and it further depends on the availability of the same with our suppliers as a whole.

How to enroll?

The first step to enroll with our library membership is to fill up below Form:

Membership Enrolment Form

Once you fill up and submit the above form, we get back to you at the earliest, guiding you on further steps.

What are the Library Terms and Conditions?

Our library terms and conditions can be read by clicking here.

What payment methods do we accept?

We are in partnership with Razorpay, which offers almost all modes of payment, be it GPay, PayTM, Internet Banking, Credit/Debit Cards.

Still have queries?

If you still have more queries, please connect us directly clicking here.